Kyiv, ua - 23-24 august


An idea to write the word “Brave!” in yellow color on one of the 90 meters long roofs of a big factory brought twenty people of us together and made us closer than ever. It made us learn how to paint out the huge letters using coordinate grid and choose the right paint. It made us learn filming equipment. And what's most important, it helped the lifetime-workers of the factory take their minds off the working routine and just look up to the sky with us for nothing. Even though this idea didn’t boost any industry and is actually irrational, it did bring sudden joy instead and reminded us to not to seek meaning in everything.

Now, what is going to happen when a huge industrial property welcomes dozens of such ideas and becomes a place for electronic music acts, contemporary art installations and urban culture objects? It’s going to be Brave! Factory festival.

Warehouses and machine hall will turn into a rave-space and a gallery, walls will become huge canvases, concrete platforms and unmapped coppices will become concert stages and daytime dance floors. Elevators, traveling bridges, machines, old barrels and pipes will transform into installations, seats, balconies, cafes and other beautiful somethings.

More than fifty cutting edge and legendary musicians, deejays and contemporary artists from around the world... The factory is brave enough to hospitably host all of these gifted, strong and therefore sometimes weird personalities and help them in every possible way. The factory is even brave enough to cut production plans and just go dance.

23 August. Brave! Factory.

Line-up, location and other details on June 1st.